June 27, 2006

What ya gonna do with all that stuff you know ‘about’ life?

You’ve heard the statements like, “knowledge is power” I’m sure, but I hope you haven’t fallen for it!

You know how, many times, when someone says something, there is more to it than the apparent statement they just made. There is more that is assumed.

Well, the statements about knowledge being power do not explain the entire concept; there’s more to it.

So, here is the rest of the story —

What exactly can knowledge do when not utilized? Well, it can be stored, cataloged and even checked on periodically, to make sure it is still there – and it can be shared with others.

And isn’t this the same whether the knowledge is in our mind or on a shelf? If you have the all the knowledge to build a house and you never build a house, what power does that knowledge have?

Now if you pass the information on to someone else that actually uses it to build a house, you could say that you were instrumental in playing a part in getting the house build. But I want to address what knowledge can do for you directly here.

Isn’t unused knowledge in your mind just like a book on the shelf, just being stored there? If you are a doctor who knows how to save the life of a person having a massive heart attack, but you don’t even attempt — what value have you offered that person?

Isn’t your power in that actual use of your knowledge and skills? It certainly is for the person suffering the heart attack! How much power do you really possess with stored knowledge and even skills unused? Not much for our heart attack victim!

This analogy applies exactly the same way for your life and what you know ‘about’ life, but don’t use. If you’re like most, you have vast volumes of information and knowledge that you have collected, but not used.

Am I right? Look at yourself – and be honest with yourself here.

How can I be so on-the-money with this statement? The facts!

Research statistics have shown that 97% of people acquiring self-improvement information DO NOT USE IT! I didn’t make this up! And I was one of the 97% for a long time as well as the many people I’ve seen professing to be working on personal growth through the years.

All gaining far more information than what was actually getting applied to the point of getting the desired results. It can be different if you choose. Choose to use what knowledge you acquire to get actual results.

And another point here, wouldn’t it be better for you to utilize what others before you have already come up with that works, over someone just telling you ‘about’ it?

If you were studying to become a surgeon who would you rather learn from, one who has read all the books or one who has done it? I know which one I would hope you learned from if I were your patient!

“There are two modes of acquiring knowledge, namely by reasoning

and experience. Reasoning draws a conclusion and makes us grant

the conclusion, but does not make the conclusion certain, nor

does it remove doubt so that the mind may rest on the intuition

of truth, unless the mind discovers it by the path of experience.”

— Roger Bacon

Many tools and methods can be followed that will give you results if you put in the effort.

There is an effective system that seems to work well, science. How does a scientist look at a task?

After they get an idea and form a hypothesis about it, what do they do next? They research the topic of their hypothesis for what is already known about it up to this point.

Why? Simple, right — they want to take what is currently known and go from there with their own research. Use what is known to build upon.

Why should they start from the beginning, ignoring what is now known, when they can be several steps ahead? Plus any practices and methods developed by others are utilized to speed up progress.

Again, this applies to your life. Find and use tools and methods that have already shown to yield results for others.

Have you noticed yet a pattern to what I am describing here? Here’s a huge ‘secret key’ to understanding how your life works. Look at how everything else works, it all works the same way.

The systems operating within the universe are repeated in various aspects and manners. The same system is repeated in societies, in families, work groups, in relationships and your individual life, but also in all of nature.

Have you ever wondered why the computer systems that man has developed is so much like the human brain? Hmmm! You know your brain is an electrical device operating millions of microscopic switches!

With this in mind here is something to ponder. With a computer, what is easier to do — allowing the operating system to function in the ways already set up, or get it to do something new and entirely different?

New programs or changes in the operating system do not happen without some specific conscious effort. Hmmm, sounds like my brain!

I have a theory about why only about 3% of people actually utilize the knowledge and known affective methods brought about by others — We each want to be independent and unique from others. And this is supported by our belief that we are in fact different from others.

From this we think that we want to and have to, do it all uniquely for ourselves by ourselves.

I think most of us tend to have this independent streak where we think much of our power is based on our independence, our self-reliance.

I think this is supported by what is called our EGO, which wants to keep us comfortable and feeling self-important at almost any cost. This keeps us separated, in our mind, from others and the universe which we are actually but a part of.

Stop trying to do it all on your own. Take a clue from the system of science that we have come to understand and use quite well, and use this in your life.

Whatever ideas you have about how your life CAN be, look for information and the methods that others have already developed on the subject — and utilize them for yourself. Just imagine if every auto manufacturer had to re-invent the wheel for every new car model?

Don’t do this in your life.

“There are plenty of good ideas if only they can be backed with the power of action.”

— Winston Churchill

The KEY here is to USE it, not just acquire it. Acquiring information has a certain satisfaction of accomplishment that comes with it. This may be one reason why we stop there and not go on to actually use the information for some good.

My personal intention is to help increase the 3% statistic to 5%, then 10%, then to 20% and beyond. Can you imagine what our world will be like if 20% of the people were actually growing and developing themselves on a regular daily basis, just using the knowledge that is currently available?

Imagine how much good will be available to influence other people? But it starts with each of us individually developing a deeper understanding, a knowing only obtained through our experience of doing something with our knowledge.

How about you, are you ready to truly enjoy your ever-expanding possibilities and positively affect others with your life?

Then you need to stop just collecting more and more information, and find the pertinent knowledge, existing tools and methods that you can use to slingshot your growth at speeds you have not yet known.

Get out of your own way and allow the intention of the universal spirit to flow unobstructed through your life.

But you must make a big choice, will it be either collecting or using? Collecting can give you that false sense of accomplishment. “Wow, look at all that I have acquired!”

The power is in the using, acquisition is just a step in the process — don’t get stuck there.


“How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.”

— Bill Gates

“Action has a way of increasing opportunity, while procrastination and

inaction always inhibit success.”

— The Millionaires Library

“The undertaking of a new action

brings new strength.”

— Eveners


I have studied many aspects of personal growth, spirituality, religion, psychology, and philosophy for over 40 years. My writing and training reveals ideas and methods which assist with affecting the desired change and growth people want to live more happy and fulfilling lives. Much focus is on what can be done daily and the how it can be implemented for actual results as opposed to just collecting information.

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