March 30, 2006

Doing what you want

One of my newsletter subscribers was talking about how she wants to become a writer, so I though I would comment about getting started with something new.

First, doing something on your own takes self discipline, you don’t have a boss keeping you going enough to get things done.  It is amazing how much time can fritter away if you do not keep yourself on task with what your specifically want to be doing.

Us humans, we can easily fall into that place of continuous preparation, never taking enough purposeful focused action to accomplish anything meaningful.  You may find that you must be an even tougher taskmaster to yourself than your boss was.

It will take motivation to do this.  Motivation and drive that come from a deep seated burning desire.  This is where you will discover the energy behind passion.  If you don’t have sufficient inner drive, it will be tough to get yourself to do what you must to succeed at what you want.

This deep desire is what helps you to be able to do what may be uncomfortable and that which you would rather not do.  There is a part of all of us that seeks comfort over all else, and it will win over your use of time if you do not have enough drive and self discipline.

Now, this deep desire comes from your purpose, your reason for being, your why.  If what you want to do is tied to your purpose you will be getting assistance from your subconscious mind as well as Spirit.  Although, you may be getting in your own way and sabotaging yourself with some of your past habit patterns.  And this is a subject all it’s own.

You don’t have to be able to state what your purpose is, don’t stress if you don’t know, most people don’t know.  However you can get a clue about it by what you are deeply drawn of urged to do.  You must be careful to separate your deep signals of desire from your ego desires.

The other main area to think about when starting out in something like writing is to learn about the field of writing.  What kinds of writing are there, what are you inclined to do?  Are you looking for a way to make money from it?  When you study the field you will discover many various avenues of possibility.

Now I’m not trying to be a wet blanket here but getting something published can be a long arduous process.  I highly urge you to really research well the different ways to get published and understand them all before jumping in.  There may be writing opportunities for you that you have not though of that are a little different from what you initially thought you want to do that may be appealing and have better pay prospects.

Be careful for people selling all kinds of magical ways to get published quickly and easily, they are not all they are cracked up to be.  Just know what you are buying.

And also it will take persistence and determination, which is supported by your inner drive.  Keep yourself doing purposeful activities that lead to the results you want and you will move in the direction of your desire.  You do know the sure fire ways to never get to where you want to be are?  Quit or don’t even start.

Another warning.  I said earlier that you need to know about what you want to do before doing it.  But you certainly do not need to know ALL there is to know, get started in whatever way you can as soon as you can.  ‘You will learn the most about anything by immersing yourself in it.  Don’t get stuck thinking you must know it all before proceeding.

All that you will encounter on your way to what you want is part of your life journey, just keep going – do something about it now.


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