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What Am I Actually Asking For And Getting

By John, 4 years and 6 months ago

Many will say that you must ask God to be given what you want, in a «will you please» way. But this is relinquishing your natural ability and right to know for yourself, to think for yourself and to choose what you want. What we receive from the Intelligent Universe is not based on the whim of a human like mind, it is a clear cause and effect system. We are here, as individualizations of God, to notice what's possible and ask for it. And, yes we can expect it to come into our life experience, but we must prepare for it first.

dontaskmeWe don't actually make anything happen, God, the Universal Intelligence does that, but we do request it and allow it. We ask for it and we allow it to connect with us, through our thoughts, feelings and vibration. For anything that we ask for to show up in our life experience, we must first align with it - we must be the person who does, has or is that which we want. The thing we want will not change us, or make us into what we need to be, we must do that first.

Once you have asked for something through your thoughts, feelings or vibration, or usually all together, the Intelligent Universe gets it all set up for you. If you are still waiting, what you have asked for is already there, you are just not yet aligned with it yet.

What very often happens is that we think strongly that we are thinking and feeling in the right ways for something to occur in our life, but we are actually not. Much of our life is commanded by our unconscious thoughts, where automatic functions are in place to simplify your conscious thought requirements. It is here that you may have strong thought patterns that are not in support of what you say you want. And guess which thinking usually wins out?

You can have something blocked because you are obsessed with having it. I know this sounds odd on the surface, but I'll explain, what can be a more powerful want than obsession? It's what is linked to it that is the biggest problem. And the most common restrictive factor is, a condition attached to the desire. A commonly attached condition is one related to happiness. Like, «I will be happy when I have . . . «

So here's how this work in our mind:

* You notice what you want, picture it and you see happiness as part of having it.
* This picture in your mind, is what is conveyed to Spirit as what you want.
* The Intelligent Universe (God) goes about to set it all up for you.
* And your role now is to align yourself with the desired outcome and to take any actions you are guided through Spirit to take.
* For you to experience what you want, you must be a vibrational match for it. You must be the person who is in and at one with what you want. Your vibration is based on your thoughts and feelings.
* Then, like two perfectly matched magnetic puzzle pieces, you are drawn to what has been created for you.

Now, going back to the happiness condition we placed on our desire. That happiness condition says, «I will be happy when . . . »

Notice this about your happiness - it's not before, but when!confused
In order for you to be a perfect vibrational match for what you want, you must be that happy person first - before the match can take place.

So. . . this attachment to your desire that says «I must have this in order to be happy» is keeping you away from it. You are stuck in a cycle: you have declared that you won't be happy until it happens, and the Universe will not connect you to the experience until you are happy. The two can never come together under this scenario.

Consider this, when you are saying that you will be happy when what you want shows up, you are saying that right now you are not happy. This is a command to the Universe, like all thoughts are. You are saying, and commanding, «I am not happy now.» This is what you will get, because this is what you are resonating with vibrationally right now.  Unhappiness begets unhappiness.

So even if consciously you are saying clearly what you want, but you are not a vibrational match for it, it will not come. But at the same time, unknown to you, you are actually saying and resonating the vibrational match for more unhappiness. You get the thing you are resonating with. This could be considered a form of self sabotage as you are preventing yourself from getting something you say you want.

I'm sure you have heard before, «Be happy now», well, now you know why. Because if what you want has happiness as part of it as most things we want do, you will need to be happy before the Universe delivers it to you. What you want is already there, waiting for you to be a match! Time is a relative thing we use in our reality, but to the Universe - there is only now.  So what you are now, is what you will be when anything new happens. Think about it, anytime anythign actually happens, it's now!

Also, many times when we are saying that we want something really badly, we are actually spending a lot of our time focusing on what we don't want. What you don't want may be the logical reason why you do want something, which is fine, but remember - what you focus on and resonate with will be what you get.

dejectedNoticing what you don't want serves the purpose of helping you to identify what you do want, but don't remain dwelling on it, or feeding it emotionally. Move on to focusing and feeling what you DO want so that you resonate with it. Our emotions have a very strong affect on our vibrational energy, which is why you've probably heard it's best to get emotionally behind what you want.  

Eckhart Tolle said in his book, A New Earth »You cannot manifest what you want; you can only manifest what you already have

This means that you must have a very clear picture of it, with appropriate emotional feelings and be a vibrational match for it. This is the state of being with it already in your mind, and feeling it, which includes being the person that fits into the picture.

The Law of Attraction is valid and it lines up with what Jesus and others taught us about how to operate our life, it just needs to be better understood for us to get what we really want.

This is one example of what can be going on unconsciously and there are other factors which can affect your easily getting what you want as well, I will discuss those in later posts here.

Your growth is a work in progess, if you undertake it.



Gravatar #1. Charlotte Tersigni
4 years and 6 months ago

A manifest to adopt:
A quick true story.

A mommy is what a woman one day wishes to be, a lady who is well dressed as she pushes the stroller for a walk, a stay at home mom who bakes cookies for her kid(s), a lady who is always here for her family.
BUT what happens with infertility on the rise, and the lady who wanted a child so badly can not have children on her own? Well, now a days you can have children other ways. Do you think being positive about the whole baby thing is actually something that is in the mind?
Let me tell you I was devastated when I found out I was going to have trouble having children on my own, and keeping them in my body. Getting older was a factor.
I started looking into adopting a child, then kind of manifested it all faster. I am a true believer in something bigger then us, for me I call it God.
I remember it so clearly, we just moved into our new home. We moved in the area because there was a fertility doctor in the area, as soon as we made the move so did the doctor... no longer in the area! Well, I prayed. I got down on my knees crying one day. I said God please, put me into a position to be able to afford to have a child, and be a stay at home mom. Two weeks later, we get a letter in the mail along with a phone call that we won a car, and we had an option to take the cash. Right away I knew we were going to be okay. I then found a way to get on the adoption list and I was ready to be a mommy! I painted the baby room, I got baby clothes ready. I put the right things in the room to make that place inviting for my new child. One year and three months later I got my baby girl.
Now, I am going to manifest another child. I am going to put myself into the right place to be secure to be on that list again, and get another child.
Hope my story helps!
Charlotte Tersigni

Gravatar #2. John
4 years and 6 months ago

You were able to manifest what you deeply wanted so you know the mindset and energy it takes.
In the post above I try to show how we can want something yet hold on to thoughts which keep it from shoeing up, usually thoughts about all the reasons why not. So we are stuck getting more of what we don't want.
Our energy gets focused when we get focused, as you obviously did.

The other part that you bring up about a condition we appear to be born with I think brings up another aspect of life. And that is, do we decide some of our life situations before we are born. First, this assumes a person believes we can do this in the first place, which I do. I think we choose much or all of our life, we may want to learn or express specific things, so we set ourselves up for them.

I came across a book about this topic which might be interesting to read.

Your Souls Plan

Gravatar #3. James
4 years and 5 months ago

With regard being happy, If I understood it right, I think I could be happy right now because of the hope that I would have something I want soon. All the steps that I am undergoing now is towards the fullfillment of having that want and things are on track. I am happy right now.
Is that correct?
I am gonna be needing the guys from Mentor club for my personal development. I need it to get my business going, and I am happy I know I will be successful soon.

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