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Are You In Command of Your Life's Priorities?

By John Halderman, 5 years and 10 months ago

Are you focusing your time and attention to the right things? Are you placing importance on the right thoughts, feelings and behaviors?

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Are You Blinded By Your Life?

By John Halderman, 5 years and 11 months ago

Your life is going on and on and on. This is a good thing of course and your brain is designed to keep it this way. Part of your brains function is to simplify as much as possible and to help you feel good which it is very good at. Now you may think that you are always feeling as good as you want this is because your brain sees keeping things the same as more comforting than change. So even what may not be good for you is perpetuated. Your brain is very good at keeping everything the same, in fact it helps to enhance whatever has already been experienced. The way the brain sees this is, you must want it – you chose it, even if not consciously.

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You Can Feel Fear and Do It Anyway

By John Halderman, 6 years ago

Does Fear Stop YouHave you ever been overwhelmed with fear as you have faced doing something? We all have I think, each at our own level, with some becoming physically immobilized by it. If your fear feelings overpower you to the point of inaction you have given fear the upper hand. I stated it this way on purpose, your fear is not doing anything to you, rather you are allowing the fear to affect you as it does - it is all within your thought. And you have command over your thought and feelings as well.

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