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Personal growth is your life work.

Stop your busy activities for a moment

Take a look at what you have been doing and thinking for the last few hours or day.

Are you supporting what you want in your life or are you caught up in hectic reactive behavior?

Of course there are many things which you must do,

But in order to enjoy more of what you want,

You must gradually insert it into your life – yourself.

Ask yourself,

How could I have done things a little differently?

What can I do now, and tomorrow that will bring in a little more of what I want into my day?

Come up with a simple plan of how you will do it.

Schedule it in, go over in your mind what and how,

Use reminder notes, set your watch or phone alarm as a reminder,

Whatever you can use to jog yourself out of the routine just enough to insert a little something different.

Change is usually done little by little more often than through a big event,

Yet we tend to hope for the big event.

While you are waiting you can do it a little at a time and before you know it – you are there!

Checking up on yourself everyday is a good way to discover what to change and how do go about it.

Come up with a balance of doing what is necessary along with a continuous process of growth.

The growth part can very easily slip away, getting consumed by all that you think you need to do in a day.

The power of the human mind is in the ability to exert command over your thinking and what you do.

Choose to step in and be the director of your behavior.

Enjoy the discovery,


March 24, 2006

Thoughts Leading To Irrational Behavior

I just read an article about the bird flu panic.  There are a number of people who have brought their thinking to the stage just before hysteria about something that may have the potential of developing into something.  You can read a very informative article about this situation in the latest edition of Ode Magazine, hardcopy or online at

One of the facts revealed is that the United States government is investing $2 billion, yes with a ‘B’ to purchase 20 million doses of Tamiflu in an effort to — well do something.  Here is the problem with that. 

It may seem that they are concerned about us, but it will not be effective against the flu they are worried about.  There is currently NO vaccine that will be effective against the H5N1 virus.  A vaccine can’t be engineered to combat a virus until the virus has mutated into a form that affects humans.

So what is the U.S. Government doing buying all this stuff?  Are the powers that be actually allowing themselves to be sucked into hysteria?  Or is it political?  They may want to appear to be doing something to help the citizens, even though even 100 times the doses will do nothing if a pandemic comes to be.

What I would like to relate to here is the thinking that is behind hysteria.  What is it?  It’s the fear of something built up into a near frenzy in our mind.  It can be based on the fear of anything allowed to expand in the mind.

How often do you allow thoughts to run wild in your mind?  Now they may not get to the point of hysteria, but many let themselves get riled up to the point of panic.  This far too often includes thoughts of fear, doubt and worry that sabotage your best intentions.  They are allowed to build up unchecked to the point where they become the majority party in your group of thoughts every day.

This is what leads each of us to take actions that do not support what we truly want with our life.  We begin to follow the thoughts that are generated by our fears, doubts and worries.

Yes look into the real possibilities that must be considered, but stop allowing your thoughts to be consumed with vague ‘what if’ thinking.  This is not something that reading one book will cure, it takes effort on your part.  You must take command of your thinking throughout the day.  Learn to pay attention to your thinking, know what you are thinking and what are the thoughts supporting.  Are they helping you with what you want or are they based on uncontrolled fear, doubt or worry?

Don’t allow your unwanted thoughts to swell to the point where you are behaving as irrational and destructive as the U.S. Government, spending resources on things that have no real value to your needs.

Growth is an everyday thing,

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January 28, 2006

Getting upset – why?

I was reminded today as I worked on getting this blog set up, how we can so easily fall prey to our expectations. I found myself getting quite upset with some of the quirks I ran across with the blog software.

There were things I was having difficulty getting set the way I wanted. I got riled about some answers I received as a result of submitting a help request. The answers were not what I wanted to hear because they didn’t conform to what I wanted to hear.

Now, I am the first to stand up for product and service that I think is warranted, but I also know that I must be careful not to set rigid expectations about exactly how everything is carried out.

Going around with this attitude is what so many are perpetually unhappy. Most of the time I do pretty good with this.

If it were my business I could operate it in any way that I see fit, but who am I to set the universal standard of operation and behavior for everyone else?

A Fine Line

There is fine line here between my being justified in expecting a certain level of service with a product and expecting it to be what I deem to be perfect. This is a point of balance we all face in virtually all areas of our life. I got myself to chill out about the situation, and of course I was able to think more clearly and rationally.


At this point I must say that I was assisted in this redirect of my perception when John Keegen the owner of BlogHarbor personally called me on the phone after I had responded to his e-mail reply to my help request. He was concerned that I was unhappy and he wanted to make sure my concerns were addressed completely.

Well we had a good conversation that helped a lot. I have to say that I was impressed that he called me. I don’t know how many times I have been frustrated in the past with getting help with a computer or Internet problem. I bet you could name a few yourself.

I really appreciated his concern for my situation, particularly his desire to actually talk to me to ensure I was satisfied. In my book he gets a gold star for making the effort to provide above average service to his customers.

This is a perfect example of where I could have caught myself earlier in the cycle of getting upset and reevaluate my perspective, allowing me to feel differently. Because it was all in my perspective why I was allowing myself to get upset and I can change it.

This was a reaction supported by an ego-based perception, which has its root in the ego’s concept of ‘I can only be happy when I’m right’. Ultimately, I can and should be happy no matter what is happening with the current situation. It is my choice to choose a better way.


Remember that you have a choice about your perception, attitude, thinking and behavior. Just because your ego has been running things, you don’t have to allow it to continue.


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Grow, discover, and thrive,


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