October 10, 2006

Blues music can be transformational

Today I want to go into something not usually talked about – Music

— Blues music!

Why blues music?

For it’s transformational quality.

Right . . . you say.

I know, most people think – how can music about things going wrong somehow be helpful let alone transformational.

Now, this may not be for you at all. You may not be able to see blues music in the way that I do.

I enjoy many different kinds of music, but blues is at the top of the list.

OK, what’s the point?

Blues music can be very cathartic.

Here’s the thing, the words you hear sung may relate to something not going right, but the music is very upbeat.

So, how can you really feel down when the music is bringing you up?

Blues music can be very therapeutic in that it helps you make the emotional transition from what has gone wrong, is uncomfortable or not to your liking through your brains reaction to the music.

The words help you bring out your misery or displeasure, which is healthy to do, and the music helps carry you out of the negative wallowing into a more uplifted feeling.

Physically your body reacts to the upbeat music, which your mind will likely follow, if you allow it.

The music will tend to get you to want to move with it.

Your mind and body are linked to where one responds to the other, so if you want to feel better and pull yourself out of a funk? — Listen to some music that helps your body get moving.

As you move, more endorphins are released in your brain, helping you to feel better.

Maybe some other music does this for you, that’s great.

But realize that some music can just keep you in that ‘stuck’ place, it’s the vibration level and how it affects your brainwaves that makes the difference.



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