February 28, 2007

Oprah, Ellen and “The Secret”

As most of you know by now both Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres have talked about the movie ” The Secret”

I watched both shows that Oprah had about the movie and I was impressed. And how Oprah said that she has been practicing the concept herself for years has a lot to say.

First, this is a great testimonial for how effective the concept is, Oprah has been very successful in many areas of her life using the principles.

And, she set up a second show because of the huge positive reaction to the first one. It is wonderful to see how many people recognize the power and validity of the principles “The Secret” describes.

On her first show she had the creator of the movie Rhonda Byrne along with 5 of the people who contributed to the movie; James Arthur Ray, the Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, Lisa Nichols, and Jack Canfield.

Then on her ‘Reaction’ show she had James Arthur Ray and the Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith to give some further explanation plus they answer some questions from the audience and spoke to some recent success stories from the audience.

I think it is wonderful that Oprah has announced this to the millions who watch her show, she has the ear and respect of so many people – I applaud her, and all the efforts she makes to help people and the world.

But revealing “The Secret” is special because truly the way for the world to ‘grow up’ is one person at a time. The change must take place in the individual – each and every one of us.

I don’t want to tell you to not do things that help other people, you should do these things, and more. But work on developing yourself – become an example others will follow. And help others to do the same. The secret to a better world is individual growth and development. The huge number of people dwelling on fear, doubt and worry is more damaging to the world as a whole than anything else people do. Everything else is just a symptom of this.

Improve your thinking and your behavior will rub off on others.

Hooray for Oprah and Ellen for showing the concept of deliberate creation to their audiences, and hooray to Rhonda Byrne for getting “The Secret” movie made – it’s a good clear way to expose many people to the concepts.

The key is to learn the concepts then apply them in your life, just knowing about them will do you little good. Applying them will be life changing and powerful.

Live and grow – everyday,



I have studied many aspects of personal growth, spirituality, religion, psychology, and philosophy for over 40 years. My writing and training reveals ideas and methods which assist with affecting the desired change and growth people want to live more happy and fulfilling lives. Much focus is on what can be done daily and the how it can be implemented for actual results as opposed to just collecting information.

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