March 10, 2006

The Oscars Bring Out Some Good, as Does Joe

I didn’t see much of the Oscars this year, but I did catch the acceptance from Reese Witherspoon for Best Actress in “Walk The Line”.

She said, “People used to ask June how she was doing, and she used to say — “I’m just trying to matter.” And I know what she means. You know, I’m just trying to matter, and live a good life and make work that means something to somebody”. I think this is a great attitude to have, for Reese and also June Carter.

Good for both of them, what a great thing to aspire to, what a great outlook on life.  This perspective is a great foundation for anything you want to do with your life no matter how simple or elaborate.

This is an example of a base operating principle for your life that is based on your core values.  When you establish basic operating principles they tend to guide you through everything in your life.  It’s like having a filter to strain everything through to keep just what you want.  When something doesn’t match up with your operating principles you don’t get involved.

Establishing your core values is part of what I call the “Foundation Factor” in a successful life design.  Having a good foundation makes the rest easier.  They don’t build buildings without them!  Have you seen, Joe Vitale has come out with his new book, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual.  I have not yet seen it, I’m not on his advance copy list yet, maybe next time!  I do have one on order, from what I have heard it is good.

So far everything I have seen of Joe’s has been good.  I like what he says about personal growth and developent, his concepts are solid.  If you are going to buy his book and you want way more additional stuff thrown into the deal, go to

This is huge!  Don’t take all the stuff – you will be bogged down for a week, be selective!  I have had the opportunity to hear him on several interviews.  Most recently with hypnotist Wendi Friesen on her internet radio show on, and with internet marketing legend Mark Joyner on his Simpleology Live Learning Event.

In the interview with Mark, Joe laid out how he developed through his life, struggling in his early years.  I think he is a good example of someone who has worked on his life and through his diligent efforts has become successful.

We all can grow and develop if we choose to, it can be beneficial to hear the stories of how others have don it.  And obviously will continue to grow.  Look to others as examples and for modeling how to apply successful thinking and activity into your life.

If they can, you can!

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