March 3, 2006

Supporting Good Habits Pays Off

 I had a reminder recently that just further demonstrated how important it is that we establish and maintain positive habits that support our desired life.

I have taken or should I say participated in Mark Joyner’s Simpleology 101 and 102 courses.  I have to say they are very good if you are looking to gain focus with what is important in your life and keep it.  It is a wonderful tool to support the life you want to live versus the life that automatically shows up as the default when you don’t direct your thinking. 

What I did though was allow myself to get distracted out of my morning routine where I did the “Daily Target Praxis”, which is the daily focusing routine taught in Simpleology, for a few days.  Well, actually about two weeks.  And did I ever pay for it. 

Going through the two courses took over two months, with a gradual change taking place in your thinking, so the difference in how you think can seem subtle.  I had actually changes my thinking quite a bit and my general feeling and confidence were heightened. 

So after I had not been doing the morning Praxis for several days, I all of a sudden realized how I quickly changed back to how I felt before the course.  I was loosing focus and not getting as much accomplished. 

And, then I was not feeling very good about it either.  My attitude was getting more negative, I was loosing the intense drive and motivation I had been experiencing.  Upon making the connection between how I was feeling and not doing the ‘Daily Target Praxis”, I began again. 

And this is astounding, after just doing it again one day –I felt better and was more energized.  The key here is that I energize myself as the result of my thoughts.  When I am focusing on what is important to me and continuously remind myself of it, I feel better, have more energy and get a lot more accomplished. 

However you choose to focus your thinking and keep it focused is up to you, but do it. Take command of your thinking, and guide yourself into the life you know is possible. Simpleology is a very good tool for this.  The difference between keeping the focus and just allowing life to happen is huge.  When you feel better, you have more energy, you get more done, you are then more motivated.  All this leads to satisfaction and fulfillment. 

The root of happiness is not ‘finding’ it but rather being it.  And you ‘be’ happiness through your thought and activity. Only through some form of action will you change, and it starts with thought action. 

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