About This Blog

My intention with this blog is to provide ideas, ways and methods to help with your daily efforts to work with and adjust your life to better follow your path. Deep happiness and satisfaction come from our becoming more of what we are.

The reason I will endeavor to provide more than just imformation is that we can easily get stuck just knowing something but not doing anything with it. The reason we are physical active beings is because that is what we should be doing, not just thiking about it. But doing it – both menatlly and physically.

Growth is not a once in a while thing it is life, what you are here to do Рexpress who you are to the fullest Рevery day. Real change and growth occurs a little each day more often than from profound events. I urge you to take in the information provided here, and integrate utilizing the tools and methods on a daily basis.

From paying attention to your thoughts, feelings and actions daily you can make the minor changes so that a greater percentage of your day supports the life you deeply desire.

Join me , grow your life every day!