March 31, 2006

Are you thinking what you want to think?

I was recently asked about how to deal with the emotional and mental drama that we lug around with us. This is the stuff that we have accumulated through our life that becomes part of the filter system we see with and is the basis of our habitual thinking and behavior. It’s the stuff that helps keep us doing things the same way over and over even when it is not what we want.

Commonly this mental emotional baggage is termed to be negative, particularly after we realize it is helping to keep us from progressing as we desire. This is the stuff that keeps us from doing the things that would support the life we want.

The continual negative thinking, constant fear, doubt and worry. Negative self talk, insecurity, low self-concept and unworthiness are included.

The big question is what to do about it. Change it!

I know, not that easy. Well, actually it can be but it not usually is. Humans have the ability to change their mind quickly, just like flipping a light switch. But we usually don’t allow that because we tend to hang onto whatever is familiar no matter how destructive it my be. Habit patterns; even those we say we no longer want.

Basically you must change your thinking and behavior habits to habits that support the life you want rather than the life you are stuck with. First you need to realize that you allowed all that stuff to build up in your mind, you are responsible! Don’t get upset, that is actually a good thing. If you did it, you can re-do it. If someone else had done it outside of your control you would have no hope of changing it. Luckily that is not the case.

Another point to understand is that your mind cannot hold two differing concepts about the same thing. You either like anchovies or you don’t, you are afraid of something or you are not, you like money or you don’t. If you don’t want to have a different position on something you must change it. You can’t just add the new concept while leaving the old. You can’t both like and dislike something at the same time.

The concept of money is a big one for a lot of people. You may think that you like money and wonder where it all is. But at the same time you may hold thoughts of resentment or disdain for rich people. These negative thoughts will sabotage your desire for money, if you don’t like people with money how could you let yourself be one! Your mind won’t let it happen.

You can figure out how you think about something by the evidence. Its evidence reveals the operation, function or behavior of everything. Your behavior can be figured out if I only see the result. There are always certain actions that lead up to a specific result. When you look at a rose bush, do you think there are any functions going on inside the plant to produce an orange? No, the rose bush does exactly what it does to produce the results you see. So do you and I.

The first step is to identify these thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving you. Look at the evidence of your life, what are you doing, what do you have, how do you think? Take notice in terms of positive/negative, good/bad, supportive/non-supportive, do/not do —

Your daily self-talk or mind chatter

What do you think about all day long?

You attitudes about people, places, things and life.

What does your emotional energy most support?

Level of self-concept.

Anger – happiness ratio.

Satisfaction – dissatisfaction.

Motivated – unmotivated.

Concept of what is possible for you.

What you are capable of.

Are you worthy?

To list a few

What you think about everything should be up for scrutiny because it all affects your life.

In general your predominant thoughts and emotions at all times throughout every day need to be in support of what you want. They cannot be on what you don’t want. Your subconscious and the universe will help you get whatever you request –and all your thoughts and emotions are the request.

There are different processes designed to assist you with this process of discovering how you think and feel, and then put in place what you want. You can do this on your own but I highly suggest getting assistance in some form. The more guided and directed the better. You know you are human, it is very easy to sluff off and not keep up with something that there is no commitment to. Guided programs and coaches provide commitment and accountability.

I am an example of someone who did it the slow way, mostly alone actually not even doing the suggested exercises and activities. I don’t suggest you go that route, get it done quicker, use a guided tool. The key is you have to DO something to see change. And I don’t mean only physical doing, actually it is more mental and emotional activity.

There are hypnotherapy methods, mental conditioning audio programs, and different guided programs that utilize multiple techniques. And there are personal coaches that help with this.

I have been using Creating Abundance by Dreams Alive, which I like.

And they have a new Secrets Of Manifesting E-Course that looks good

In both of these guided parts and you will be taught EFT techniques. Take a look at them.

Keep discovering and growing,



I have studied many aspects of personal growth, spirituality, religion, psychology, and philosophy for over 40 years. My writing and training reveals ideas and methods which assist with affecting the desired change and growth people want to live more happy and fulfilling lives. Much focus is on what can be done daily and the how it can be implemented for actual results as opposed to just collecting information.

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