April 5, 2007

Do your thoughts fly in formation?

I’m sure you have seen how geese fly in a V formation when they are traveling between their summer and winter homes. I was thinking about this and how well it relates to our thoughts.

Are your thoughts going in formation towards a common goal like geese on a mission or are they scattered? You know that what you will be living tomorrow will be the direct result of what you think about right now.

The geese make it to their destination, hundreds of miles, because they are all joined together focused on one specific mission.

What do you think would be the result if each goose had a different agenda, a different path they were trying to follow? They would not get to any one destination, if when each goose would take their position at the point of the V they would steer the group in a different direction. They would just end up going all over the place, never knowing where they would end up.

If they never stuck with any one destination long enough to actually get there, they would not end up anywhere specific. Where they found themselves at any moment would be where they were at that moment and this would always be the case, unless by some accident they made a destination, but would they know they were somewhere they wanted to be?

Four key elements are present in the flying behavior of geese that are worth looking at in terms of how your thoughts support your personal growth and development.

1) The consensus of your thought

This is like the cooperation a group of geese exhibits in order to succeed at the journey. Do all your thoughts converge and contribute to the same goal? If some of your thoughts are towards something you desire, some towards what you no longer want, some towards your fears and doubts, and some just distracted by something going on today, what is the consensus of these thoughts? Confusion, disharmony and no particular direction is like being all over the map.

In their V formation aren’t all the birds going in the same direction, keeping close together supporting one another in their single minded pursuit of their intention in order to succeed as a whole group? Each goose is committed to the same intention and each supports the others just as all you thoughts should be.

2) Thought energy invested

While the birds take turns being the lead so that one bird does not bear the brunt of the energy needed to break the wind, all the birds end up contributing to the whole with their energy focused on the one goal. The more they can put their energy into flying in the one direction, the quicker they arrive. This equates to how much of your thought time and emotional energy is focused on your destination

Just like flying the geese, the amount time and emotional energy you focus on the desired direction dictates when and if you will reach the goal. Constant change of focus from what you do want to what you don’t want, to something distracting, to uncertainty is not giving enough thought and emotional energy to what you want. Like the geese you will be somewhere different but it will not likely be very far from where you started, so the scenery will be much the same.

3) Clearly defined and tended to intention or destination

Of course, you need a specific thing, place and reason, this seems simple, but not always quite so in practice. Clear definition is very important, you need to have intention, a target, a goal in order to have something to focus on. But another aspect of this is the clouds. Are you sticking to it clearly and concisely or are you distracted by the clouds? The geese can keep on course and fly through the clouds because they don’t allow themselves to get distracted.

If you allow yourself to get distracted by too much of the daily stuff that goes on in everyone’s life, what is your actual focus? Is it not disjointed and unclear? All the daily goings on can be a huge factor in breaking your focus, thus leading you to place thought and energy on many other things which do not support or contribute to your declared intention.

Just like the geese you need to stick with something long enough with enough energy and clearly to actually get there. Whenever you allow your attention to lock on to something else, there is no energy going to the destination, and it may actually be going away from it as the result of other certain thought focus, such as doubt, fear and worry.

4) Single minded commitment and persistence

This should be clear, but so many people either gives up too soon or they switch gears too often to actually realize any of the desired results. The geese must fly in one direction for how many days to reach their destination? Every day until they get there! Think about it, if there is a lot of head wind they may not make many miles in a day, but they must keep going – they must, it’s life or death. Do geese take side trips? I don’t think so.

Until you persist in spite of your frustrations, doubts and setbacks you will not get there. Whenever you stop, you are guaranteeing that you will not get there. And you will never know how close you were when you did.

If the geese stop flying for a week, how much closer to their destination do they get?

If the geese change directions often, how much closer do they get?

If the geese can’t get together on where they are going, how close do they get?

If all of the geese don’t apply themselves to the one common focus, how close do they get?

If the geese gave up after 2 days and changed direction, where will they be?

Thousands of geese change living habitats twice a year because they are programmed to do all the right things that get them there – they don’t mess it up by allowing distractions to knock them off course.

If geese can do this, why not you. What’s their secret? The only difference is that you have free will and choice. Yes, you have the ability to choose NOT to clearly focus and persist towards your target, the goose does not.

But you can choose to do as they do and succeed on a regular basis. It’s up to you to watch and take command of your everyday thinking if you want your life to be on purpose. Think about how the geese accomplish their twice a year trek over hundreds of miles and how you can use their behavior to get where you want. You have the choice to do or not, it’s all in how you take command of your thinking. Get to where you can place most of your thoughts in a V formation with each supporting the lead or main directing idea and target?

Clearly define your target

Build single-minded focus, get your thoughts in formation,

Watch your thoughts, DAILY, for focus and distraction

Take command of your thinking, drop un-supportive thoughts, and add supportive thoughts

Persist until you get there



I have studied many aspects of personal growth, spirituality, religion, psychology, and philosophy for over 40 years. My writing and training reveals ideas and methods which assist with affecting the desired change and growth people want to live more happy and fulfilling lives. Much focus is on what can be done daily and the how it can be implemented for actual results as opposed to just collecting information.

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