May 3, 2007

How strong is your energy behind what you want?

Think about your energy level behind the thoughts you have for what you want in your life as opposed to your energy behind what you do not want?

I will take a guess here, there is a much stronger energy, thus emotion, behind what you don’t like or want.

This might just be what is keeping you aligned with what you don’t want and away from what you DO want.

You are flowing more energy into the ‘don’t want’ thoughts – And wa-la, the universe is responding as it does to your most energetic thoughts.

This automatic behavior of impressing negative thoughts with a high level of energy is one most of us have developed – but one we should make some changes to.

I’m not saying to try to ignore negative feelings or to pretend that they are not there – they are part of your normal emotion system. However, the amount of energy you apply to any thought and feeling is your choice.

If you are in the habit of applying stronger energy into the negative than you are the positive, guess how you have charged your emotions – to expound on the negative!

Your emotions do not come with a predetermined charge that you must be subject to – you can decide this.

The charge an emotion has for you comes from the kind and amount of energy you apply to it.

Think about it, I’m sure that you have noticed a difference in the emotional reactions you have to something versus someone you know. You may react, for example, more intensely to the death of a child than someone else, or a mistreated animal, or to someone not getting a job they wanted.

You know how you have maybe wondered why something doesn’t seem to affect someone else as it does you – or the opposite. Our level of energy behind an emotion varies – it is something we have each allowed to develop in our automatic behavior in our own unique way.

Like other thought, this too can be managed to better serve the life we want.

The reason for getting into this idea, of the energy behind your thoughts, is so that you can look at the amount of energy you apply to what you want versus what you don’t want.

Are you actually applying a sufficient level of energy to what you say you want?

You can tell by looking at your emotional feelings. Your emotional feelings will follow the energy applied.

If you don’t feel intense feelings about what you want, you are not putting enough energy into the thoughts.

Have you ever REALLY wanted something? To have something – like a new car, to be with someone, to go somewhere? Think about the intense feelings you had then.

This is an example of putting energy into a thought.

Also, using the negative, what about when you have been really upset about something – think about the power of the feelings you had. That is power!

Applying this kind of power is what is needed if you are to have the thoughts of what you want to be the most overpowering thoughts you are planting with the universe.

Remember, with your thoughts, you are planting seeds – make them well defined and potent. Weak, unspecific and low energy desires will be stuck in the ‘hope’ phase and never get results.

Your most prominent and powerful thoughts are what the universe responds to, and so do you. Looking carefully at your life right now reveals evidence of your predominate thinking.

This can include not really thinking about anything specific, and so your life goes – unspecific.

I remember Zig Zigglar use to say, “become a meaningful specific”. He was referring to taking command of your thinking rather than living a life of default – just allowing whatever comes up to be in control.

Also, managing your thinking is a 24 hour thing, you can’t just go through some specific thought exercises, going over what you want, and then spend the rest of the day allowing thoughts that oppose your desires.

If you allow much of your day to include thinking about what you don’t want or like, your frustrations, your worries and fears – what are you highlighting and enhancing for yourself?

I’m not saying that you need to keep your thoughts fixed on your desires all day – that wouldn’t work. But you need to be generally happy and satisfied right now – all the fears, doubts, dislikes and worries will dilute or negate the thoughts of your desires.

Learn to watch your thinking, feelings, reactions and behavior 24/7, it’s all a choice.

Choose to drop thinking that does not support being happy.

“Stop the mindless wishing that things would be different.

Rather than wasting time and emotional and spiritual energy

in explaining why we don’t have what we want, we can start

to pursue other ways to get it.” — Greg Anderson

“Whatever commands our time, energy and resources, commands

us.” — Tom Sine

“Power is the faculty or capacity to act, the strength and potency to accomplish something. It is the vital energy to make choices and decisions. It also includes the capacity to overcome deeply embedded habits and to cultivate higher, more effective ones.” — Stephen Covey

“Love the moment and the energy of the moment will spread beyond all boundaries.” — Corita Kent

Make your thoughts for what you want impressive and highly potent.

You’ve got to run an ad campaign for what you want in your life.

You know how companies selling products apply to your emotional hot buttons – you can do this to yourself to help intensify your feelings behind your desires in order to have them to be the greatest impression on yourself and the universe.

Lowering the energy you apply to what you don’t want or like and then increasing the energy behind what you do want is the goal.

The first step is to take conscious notice of your energy application, then you can make some assessments for yourself.

Following this, decide how you can alter the intensity to support more of what you want – to support your intention.

Looking at your feelings that come up, you can question yourself about them:

Why do I feel this way?

Do I need to feel this intensely about what I don’t like?

Can I feel more intense about what I want?

Some ways to get yourself more charged up about your desires:

Spend more time thinking about them allowing greater detail,

How much of my time goes to passive, unspecific thought and action,

Let your imagination run wild,

Specifically seek out how you WILL feel when you do, are, or experience it,

Write yourself into the part like a movie or story,

Get yourself into an assumptive mental state – that you are experiencing it now,

Ask yourself, how will I feel WHEN_____,

What fulfillment and satisfaction will you experience when you_____?

Generally, allow yourself to get riled up about it, in a good way. You do this by purposefully applying your thought to something.

You can read the amount and kind of energy you are applying to the thoughts by your emotional feelings about them.

Again, spend more time thinking about what you want.

Look at how much of your time, each day, you spend thinking about specific things. How much time goes towards what you don’t like, what you want and also when you aren’t thinking about anything specific?

How can you apply more to what you want?

Action follows your thought and experience follows your actions.

But first, your thoughts must be charged high enough in order for the universe to respond and for you to be properly motivated to do what you are guided to do.

You do have the equipment and ability to apply your thought energy to what you choose even though you may struggle with it at first. As with anything you try to learn, stick to it with the intention that you can do it at will.

So your first action is to think with intensity about what you want. Apply the time and energy to the thoughts of your desires. And, reduce the intensity of your negative or ‘don’t want’ thoughts.

Take charge, apply your energy to what you want – it’s worth it. Think on purpose!

Make a commitment to stick with this for at least 30 days so it will set in as a habit. Yes it may seem like a hopeless endeavor at first, be patient, you will come around.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” — Mohandas Gandhi

“Success… My nomination for the single most important ingredient is energy will directed.” — Louis



I have studied many aspects of personal growth, spirituality, religion, psychology, and philosophy for over 40 years. My writing and training reveals ideas and methods which assist with affecting the desired change and growth people want to live more happy and fulfilling lives. Much focus is on what can be done daily and the how it can be implemented for actual results as opposed to just collecting information.

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