Barack Obama Sparks New Perspective In Many

Here in the US we have a new president as most know. We can hope that some new and different things can come as the result of this. Something that I noticed as being very interesting and positive is the comments I saw from many people when interviewed after the Inauguration.

I noticed how quite a few people said that now, since Obama being the first ‘black’ president, all things are possible. Now first, this is a good thing to see so many people have been able to allow their perspectives to change because of who has been elected.

Being a ‘white’ person myself, not in their shoes, I can only understand to a degree their thoughts and feelings regarding what they see as possible for themselves in this society. However, I do understand human perspective. And each of us can decide what our perspectives are if we choose, although much of the time they are formed automatically from our unconscious interpretations and reactions to situations we accumulate as we live.

Being that many have been able to almost instantly change their perspective on what is possible for them shows how easily a change actually is. But we must first know that we can do this and then know what the perspective should be as it must be something we believe. Our perspective on anything is rooted in our beliefs about that subject, which is based on our interpretations of related impressions in our life.

Another interesting part of this is that none of it would have been possible if a specific perspective was not help by someone. Barak Obama obviously had the perspective himself that it was possible for him to become president, otherwise he could not have taken the steps to position himself to win the election. And this from a man who had held elective office for a relatively short period of time. This perspective of his is far more important and powerful than the votes he asked for.

So our new president was able to hold a perspective that was different than most of the ‘black’ members of our society, which is fortunate for all of us. It seems this is all too common that certain perspectives are held by the bulk of people which makes it more difficult for an individual to change, they must go against common wisdom. The common wisdom is not correct just because most agree to it, it is however more accepted. It takes one or a few to go against the grain, see things differently, believe it and take action accordingly.

What has occurred here with the election of President Obama is that he became the evidence that most people needed to see first before allowing their perspectives to change on what is possible for them now. The old saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it” is unfortunately followed as the only truth by most.

However, the opposite is true. Actually you will see it after you believe it. So as millions of people believed that for them all was not quite possible because they could not see any evidence that it was, they held back somewhat on their actions.

Now that there has been a mass perspective change, many people will now act accordingly, believing that they too could perhaps rise to this level in our society. This is wonderful as it now allows these people to fully engage in the potential for their lives, improving their lives immensely, which will also help society as a whole.

As humans, we will think based on our perspectives, which help define our self concept and self worth and guiding our actions. We will not be able to take actions beyond these self defined boundaries. Only when we change the way we look at things can we change out thinking and behavior. The challenging part is to be able to mentally leap beyond the current evidence of things and believe that something is possible even if it never has been done before.

The evidence revealed by President Obama is that he has command over much of his thought. This shows that he has been able to mentally venture beyond the commonly accepted perspectives and what he believed was possible for himself. We all have this ability, we just need to learn to take command of our thinking by moving some key thoughts from the unconscious automatic mode to the conscious thinking mode.

It is comforting and exciting knowing that the man at the head of our government has this ability. This should enable him to operate more from a forward thinking, what’s possible, mode than a reactive, what has been, mode. This is possible for everyone, and now we have a public example of it, giving us the evidence we need to more easily see it as a possibility for us as well.

Take a look at your perspectives governing all areas of your life. Are they fully supporting and serving the life you want? If you want to make changes in how you see things, look for ways to justify a new belief in this area. Can you see others that have already done it, or do you know that the burning desire within you can only be there because it is possible for you.

Take command of your thinking and challenge what has been programmed and accepted as truth in your mind. In any aspect of life you can choose to alter the status quo of your beliefs and perspectives. It’s your right, actually your responsibility, to be in conscious command of your thinking. It’s a choice to question what is. It’s a choice to want it to be different. It’s a choice to consciously change it.

If you have something to add here please comment below, I value your ideas and feelings.

John Halderman

I have studied many aspects of personal growth, spirituality, religion, physcology and philosophy for over 30 years. My writing and training reveals ideas and methods which assist with affecting the desired change and growth people want to live more happy and fulfilling lives. Much focus is on what can be done daily and the how it can be implimented for actual results as opposed to just collecting information.

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